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Mindful Yoga: A Composed State – Ishkama

Imagine being aware of everything happening right now, in a neutral, conscious state with Mindful Yoga.  Not labeling the experience as pleasant or unpleasant or good or bad, but simply observing.

You might be just bathing. Just be conscious of the moment when the water strokes your body, the scent of the soap, the sense of the soap on the skin, and the shower water oozing all over. Whatever your feeling is, just feel it and accept it.  Just the consciousness of every moment!

The same awareness could be practiced while exercising or doing yoga.

Much is recognized about the advantages of mindfulness and the benefits of yoga, but what happens when you merge the two together?

And, how can you acquire the profits of exercise and yoga to their fullest, without any fear of harming your body? Don’t get disappointed by realizing that this is just a Yoga Blog. Workout is essential. Cardio and yoga also! But the real question is HOW?

We believe how we do yoga, or any type of exercise is more crucial than the specific poses or sport that we usually do.

Mindful yoga, or mindful exercise, obliges paying attention and being entirely present when you are moving. It implies taking note of your body (and discovering how to distinguish your body’s communication signs) so that you know when you should stop and when you should challenge yourself to do more.

But the question is how can this secret of ‘body sense’ be developed and then practiced every day? Here is when Mindfulness penetrates into the picture!

 “Mindfulness is the understanding of the experience that your body goes through and the consciousness about the moments and perceptions. A quality of being in now, a realization of freedom, a feeling of being connected”

When you involve mindfulness in a workout, you’ll be an expert in listening to your body, and with an unshakable application, bodily synchronization could be developed as per your needs.

Incorporating mindfulness into any sort of activity gives a vigilant focus on the reality of the moment and how you react to it. Through mindfulness, your movement and yoga could be transferred into a form of meditation. This practice of bringing mindfulness to your everyday yoga and workout considerably strengthens your connection with both the inner self and the outer.

At ISHKAMA, you will be supported in working on your mind, body & soul, recognizing yourself today with empathy, and responding with an optimistic outlook. By integrating mindful yoga, you can listen and practice with deep honesty, and brightness, and understand the true purpose of your existence.   

Indisputably the chemistry of interlacing inhalation, pose, and activity with mindfulness is indeed an extensive approach to our life.

Come, let’s dive deeper into the depth of tranquillity and stillness and make our life meaningful!

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