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Autism often isolates families, creating a fear of judgment that leads to seclusion. IGC, a socially driven business, is on a mission to cultivate inclusivity. Through shared blogs, films, and interactive sessions, parents of autistic children find a supportive community to exchange experiences. Simultaneously, children engage in enjoyable activities like sports and creative pursuits, fostering growth in a welcoming environment. Group discussions and Zoom meetings provide parents with professional guidance, addressing their challenges. By offering accessible resources, IGC aims to reduce frustration caused by limited options and waiting lists, providing acceptance and understanding for everyone on the autism spectrum, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and mental well-being.

Empowering Families of Children with ASD

Through this project, families of children with ASD will be able to connect and share experiences. They will feel included and have the chance to discuss their difficulties. Because other parents are often judgmental and intolerant, the majority of families avoid being near other families out of fear of being criticized. It is detrimental for kids who struggle with socialization and communication to be excluded. If they are not assisted, how can they benefit society or develop into capable citizens? We desperately need to organize workshops and other events for kids with ASD so they have a greater opportunity of making friends and participate in society. Additionally, they ought to have access to a setting where they can express themselves and engage in polite, comfortable enjoyment. Although more ASD cases are being identified, the assistance provided is staying the same. Many families are left frustrated and without assistance as a result.

Our Aim

  • Establish an environment where children with ASD are included.
  • Create a space where children with ASD can study and have fun while developing their independence.
  • Establish a venue where solutions can be explored and professional counsel can be given.
  • Establish a location where parents may gather, mingle, and discuss their issues.

ISHKAMA is an organization that offers individualized services for mental wellness. We provide a variety of classes, workshops, and one-on-one therapy sessions that are intended to assist people dealing with mental health issues and busy lifestyles.

We provide treatments and educational programs aimed at promoting mental wellness using the greatest psychological techniques.

IGC is an effort to spread awareness and include people with all backgrounds and requirements. We value diversity and are open to all people, including those who might be disabled.

Empowering Families Through Awareness and Support for Autism

In response to the rising prevalence of autism, Ishkama Global CIC is dedicated to assisting families facing challenges in diagnosis, therapy access, and emotional support. Led by a passionate project head, a mother of an autistic child, and backed by a highly skilled workforce, the organization aims to raise awareness, fostering acceptance and inclusion for individuals with autism.

The initiative involves creating a collaborative space for families to share experiences, identify common challenges, and exchange narratives. Through family-friendly events and gatherings, Ishkama Global CIC strives to promote inclusivity and awareness of autism. Recognizing the difficulty of addressing the diverse needs of a growing population, the organization seeks to make a meaningful impact on the lives of a few, offering vital support to families navigating the complexities of autism.

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Fundraising event on Autism Acceptance Day 2nd April organised by ISIA and Ipswich County Council


IGC Chairs participated and won the BSC multicultural Global food fest for creativity, raising awareness for Autism


IGC Chairs participated and won the BSC multicultural Global food fest for creativity, raising awareness for Autism