Heal your Mind,

Body & Soul

Heal your Mind,

Body & Soul

Heal your Mind,

Body & Soul


Aromatherapy may facilitate relaxation and enable relief of stress. It has also been used to help treat a broad range of mental and physical conditions


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It involves the laying on of hands to channel "life energy" into a person's body.


Yoga is a system of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It originated in ancient India as a philosophical and spiritual practice.

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ISHKAMA-Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

ISHKAMA is an organization providing mental wellness services that are tailored to your needs. We offer a range of courses, workshops, and individual treatment programs designed to help people cope with mental health challenges and demanding lifestyles.

With the best use of our psychological methods, we offer therapies and courses designed to foster mental wellness. 

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Why Choose Us

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Over a decade, Ishkama has been providing services to do with wellbeing, which included coping with mental health challenges and a demanding lifestyle.

I realised the value of strong mental and physical health, as I have met with various accidents including an head injury in past. On my journey to recover, I have tried various traditional and non traditional methods to hasten my recovery, as I was the sole bread winner in the house. Whilst recovering using alternative therapies, I came to know about the importance of reiki healing, counselling and stress management. Hence, I worked relentlessly to recover myself and get trained in these fields, so that I can help others. I always believed in my father’s saying, “There is always light at the end of tunnel.”

Till now Ishkama helped many individuals to deal with their anxiety and heal themselves. Ishkama not only offers variety of health & wellness services but it also believes in travelling that extra mile to our clients and partners, as to ensure the generational relationships

Abhnash Bains, Founder & CEO Ishkama LTD

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Meet our team

Our team of experts in the field of well being are here to help you by providing numerous services. Find more about our services or raise your queries to us incase of any concerns.

Mrs. Abhnash Bains


Minakshi Koch

Vice CEO

Pavani Ladival

Business Manager


Dr Rinki Sharma

Marketing Executive


Our Happy Clients

My anxiety and stress levels were very high and It was becomming harder for me to sleep as my over thinking was taking a leap. That’s when I got to know about ISHKAMA and decided to pursue it. The empathetic staff at Ishkama understood and listened very carefully to all the mental health challenges I faced and gave me a timetable and routine changes. I underwent counseling and availed the stress management workshop, several times. Ever since that, I have came a long way and understood my ways to deal with anxiety! Thank you so much to the empathetic staff of ISHKAMA for your help in every step to overcome this!

Tejeshwani Choudhary

After wedding in dec 2019 I came to uk and In covid time it was very hard time for me all time at home when we can not go out to meet folks and not doing any job. But then I got to know about Ishkama and joined it. It helped to regain myself back with the healthy mind and positivity. Awesome services.

Noopur Sharma

Had a great experience at Ishkama for counselling session. It was tough times during pandemic but talking to Mrs Bains gave positivity. Must try !!

Taruna Sharma

The massage was very relaxing and got rid of my knots and tension. Riti Thankyou so much Riti for the detailed attention

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