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Feng shui


Feng Shui’s connotation can be broken down into the Chinese words “Feng,” implying wind, and “Shui,” implying water. The concept originated from an ancient poem that goes about human life being linked to and flowing with the surroundings around it.

Feng shui was initially practiced in China but is gradually being used with more regularity in western cultures as well.

What is Feng shui?

By definition, Feng shui is a method of arranging the pieces in living spaces to produce balance with the natural world. This is what it signifies to Feng shui in your home. The goal is to connect energy forces and create harmony between an individual and their surroundings. While balance and energy are imperative in today’s Feng shui practices, a more contemporary interpretation of the approach is the usage of items, color, or placement to reprogram your subconscious to ally with a healthier state of mind. The exterior of the home or work environment impacts the interior of the person.

Benefits of Feng shui

  • Relationships -Relationships of all types can be enhanced through Feng shui.
  • Success – Many businesses, like Disney and Nike, utilize Feng shui for financial and business success.
  • Clearing Bad Energy – House clearings are also carried out with Feng shui, removing unnecessary energies from the space.
  • Protection – Just as Feng shui can enhance the good energy, it can also be used in preventing and defending the home from negative energies.
  • Align More with Higher Self – When the energies in our space correspond with our own chi, we can harmonize with our true selves and unlock our complete potential

Looking For Feng shui Consultant in the UK?

Feng shui has numerous principles, and it can be tough to comprehend how to apply them to your current space (and the furniture and things within it). You may also be uncertain whether it’s fine to “break” some rules. That is where a Feng shui expert comes into the picture. Finding a Feng shui consultant in London is not a tough task.

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The Main principles of using Feng shui

Feng shui is fundamentally the relations between humans and their surroundings. It facilitates you to influence these interrelating energies to accomplish specific life improvements. This influence is achieved by positioning or designing your environments in accord with principles of natural energy flow.

Feng shui divulges how to stabilize the energies of any given space to ensure the health and good fate of those inhabiting it. These methods of laws for spatial arrangement and orientation are taken into consideration when people are designing buildings, placing furniture and belongings, and even bodies. It presents an exclusive way of looking at these elements and offers balance, comfort, and synchronization with your surroundings.

The five elements of Feng shui

Feng shui aids you in making the most of your living space by balancing its energy flow. Each element cites a different mood, generating a customized space that’s favorable for your personality and goals. Feng shui divides the world into five elements:

  • Wood: vision and growth
  • Fire: leadership and courage
  • Earth: strength and constancy
  • Metal: concentration and order
  • Water: emotion and motivation

Working to balance these five elements appropriately in your home can help their analogous traits to flourish in your life.


(Some most frequently asked questions related to feng shui )

How long has Feng Shui been around?

Feng shui is an early art and science that was enlarged over 3,000 years ago in China.

What is feng shui Bagua map?

The Bagua implies the Feng shui energy map. It can be functional for a single room, your whole house, or your complete property. The Bagua segregates your space into eight life areas around a center.

How long does it take for Feng Shui to work?

According to different consultants, some can begin to experience effects in as little as 3 months. For others, it may take a while longer.

I am new to feng shui. Where do i begin?

If you’re fresh to feng shui, a good place to begin is your bedroom. Why? Your bedroom is the area that’s nearest to you.