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Yoga – From Tomorrow? | Ishkama

Let’s face it, many of us have fallen victim to the ‘From Tomorrow’ syndrome, where our intentions to start yoga are perpetually delayed. Fear not, for here are some hilarious tips to avoid the ‘From Tomorrow’ trap and embark on your yogic journey today!

  1. The Mat of Motivation: Buy a yoga mat adorned with your favorite motivational quote or picture. Whether it’s a cute kitten or a cheesy affirmation, this quirky touch will inspire you to unroll the mat and strike a pose.
  2. Partner in Crime: Find a yoga buddy who’s as dedicated (or as clumsy) as you. Together, you can giggle your way through those impossible poses, making the practice more fun and less intimidating.
  3. Disco Yoga: Who says yoga has to be all Zen? Create a vibrant playlist of funky tunes, and let your inner dancing queen shine through your asanas. Nothing like a disco beat to get you motivated and moving!
  4. Yoga for Fido: Include your furry friend in your yoga routine. Trust me, watching your dog attempt a downward dog will have you in stitches. It’s a win-win situation: bonding time with your pet and a hilarious distraction from the ‘From Tomorrow’ syndrome.
  5. Yoga-sutra Selfies: Capture your yoga journey with silly, Instagram-worthy selfies. Share them with your friends, and let their laughter propel you forward on your yogic path. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, even in a yoga studio!
  6. Laughing Yoga: Seek out laughter yoga classes in your area. Imagine a room full of people guffawing their way through downward dogs. Not only will it boost your mood, but you’ll also find yourself craving more yoga adventures.
  7. Yoga-tella Time: Reward yourself with a tasty treat after each yoga session. Picture yourself enjoying a spoonful of Nutella or a slice of pizza, knowing you earned it through your dedication to the mat. Chocolate and yoga can coexist, after all!

Ishkama gives you the perfect opportunity to kick-start your yoga journey with a touch of humor and quirkiness. Remember, every journey starts with a single step, or in this case, a downward dog. So, unroll that mat, let go of your ‘From Tomorrow’ excuses, and dive into a world of flexibility, laughter, and well-being. Happy yoga-ing, and may you never suffer from the ‘From Tomorrow’ syndrome again!

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