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Boosting Your Body With Reflexology

Immune System:

Boosting Your Body With Reflexology, The lymphatic system is a grid of channels and glands that helps protect against infections and fight these by transporting immune cells throughout your body and eliminate extra fluid.

It works directly with your cardiovascular system to retain blood and lymphatic fluid levels in balance and clear toxins out of the body.

When your lymphatic circulation slows it can induce fluids that generally carry waste away from the cells to become stuck and stagnant. The toxins start amassing and immune cells are not being carried to the areas of the body where they’re required therefore compromising your body’s capacity to fight infections and diseases.

Your immune system gets weakened. That’s why it’s significant to fuel the organs involved in your immune system in order to keep your lymphatic circulation working.

Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) is a method which emphases on the lymphatic reflexes on the feet in order to arouse the function of the lymphatic system and remove excess of lymph fluid therefore dropping the risk of infections.

A non-negligible additional advantage of Reflexology is stress reduction which positively aids to your immune system. Reflexology also lifts the production of endorphins which are required by immune cells receptors to operate properly. Endorphins are essential for proper immune function.

Your immune system is indispensable for defending against diseases causing organisms such as viruses. At Ishkama, we can help you boost your immune system. 

Back Pain:

Back pain can distress people of all ages from teenagers to the elderly and is the single leading cause of disability stopping several people from engaging in work as well as other daily activities.

Nerve and muscular problems, deteriorating disc disease and arthritis can result in back pain. Back pain is related with the way our bones, muscles and ligaments in our backs work and connect together. It can be comforted with Reflexology.

Indeed, Reflexology can be operative in reducing the severity of chronic back pain from moderate to mild for instance.

In Reflexology, feet represent a small map of the whole body on which each organ and each body part is replicated. The areas relating to the different parts of the body on the legs are equivalent to their places on the body.

By applying pressure on definite reflex areas in the feet, for the spine, the shoulders, the upper back, it’s conceivable to appease back pain. Some points can be incessantly massaged using thumbs and other points using fingers.

For example, points on the lower arch edge of the foot can be moderately pressed to discharge pain in the lumbar region. Pain is relieved through relaxation of muscles; blood circulation increases and waste elimination resulting from the metabolism.

It might take numerous sessions of Reflexology to efficiently treat back pain. Added benefits of Reflexology sessions comprise anxiety reduction, stress relief and sleep improvements.

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