Ishkama offers you the opportunity to meet with trained and experienced counsellors so that you can explore aspects of your life that might cause concern.
Unlike a family member or friend, the counsellor does not judge or advise but allows you to work through your feelings by talking about them.
This helps put problems in perspective in order to understand them better and learn to solve them or cope with them.

Stress Management

At Ishkama we understand that stress can come from numerous sources – work, finance, lifestyle, health and many more. Circumstances do not create stress. It is our response to them that creates stress and gives rise to feelings of despair and restlessness.
What we need is the ability to cope with these circumstances, to take them in our stride and learn to manage them. Consultants help you identify and manage stress. It could be time management, learning the ability to delegate or simply learning to come to terms with things you cannot change.


Hypnosis has long been recognized as a powerful tool in creating positive change easily and effortlessly. Be it boosting self confidence or breaking a habit like smoking and alcoholism, hypnotherapy has had long lasting and even permanent results.
This treatment is natural and safe, with no side effects.


This is a holistic form of healing that harnesses the life force energy and helps the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki works on the principle that we live because of a life force flowing through us.
Negative emotions disrupt the flow of this force. Reiki attempts to clear and heal the energy pathways thus allowing it to flow naturally. This releases negative emotions and restores a sense of balance and well-being in your mind.


Originating in India, Yoga is not merely an exercise. It is a complete science that works on an individual’s mental and spiritual health through the physical body.
Benefits include both mental and muscular relaxation as well as an increased suppleness.


This is an ancient Chinese system which removes blocks that impede your achievements or improves aspects of your finance, career and achievements.
It works on the principle of allowing the natural energy or chi to flow freely around you.


Based on the ancient art of using aromas to induce specific emotional reactions, aromatherapy uses oil to heal and soothe, thus reducing stress and anxiety.


Reflexology is the science of applying pressure at specific points on the hands and feet. This pressure is believed to stimulate related muscles or organs which encourage the body to heal itself.


Leaving behind the pressures of everyday life, you enter a world where time stands still and relaxation pervades. The clients feel its a place where they feel at home because of its calm and relaxed atmosphere . In luxurious surroundings, soothing sounds and rippling waters, your mind, body and soul are balanced, restoring a sense of serenity and vitality.

With staff always passionate to provide a friendly and efficient service you will be pleasantly surprised to find out the quality of service and surroundings we offer. We use quality salon products and our experienced beauty therapists will put an extra effort to make you leave the salon feeling and looking their best. Visit Us


There are many Beauty Academic Courses which will benefit clients both physically and mentally. This treatment combines the healing properties of essential oils with the deep relaxation of soothing massage. Our massage courses teach you how to select and safely use essential oils according to the needs of the individual.

The soothing aromatherapy massage you will learn, assists the penetration of the essential oils into the body and relaxes tense, tight muscles and calms the mind. Using a variety of basic and advanced massage movements, you will learn how to perform a professional body massage. Acupressure points will be incorporated in the massage routine which will help with many common ailments and promote healing in the body. Visit Us


Ishkama has had the privilege of working with various organizations. We are interest in promoting well-being thorough our complementary therapies including reiki, meditation, hypnotherapy etc., We support and work in partnership with other organisations in promoting awareness workshops for various health issues including cancer, diabetics, etc. to mention a few of the organisation we work with and have worked in supporting are the Mulberry centre, Liesel Angel Trust, ASDA etc.

Apart from this we do offer free workshops or discounted services for the vulnerable in our community. The minimal fee that is charged is utilised for treating the volunteers with appreciation souvenirs. Ishkama is a non profit organization and donates any extra earnings to other organizations with a similar cause. Ishkama also works with multinational corporations like Barclays, Park Grand etc, and support their causes. It is our belief that we can make a difference to our communities and make it a better place for those everyone.

We are happy to join you for your cause and invite you to join ours as well. If you wish to volunteer or make a donation for any of our causes or supporting organizations please contact us. We are also happy to support you and participate in you fund raising events. Please get in touch and we shall inform you of our availability.
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