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The Ishkama Global Change (IGC) 2024 Annual Global Business Convention, where innovation and inspiration converge under the theme “Harmonizing Perspectives: Bridging Worlds, Inspiring Change”.

This global gathering is your exclusive platform to elevate your work, share insights, and connect with visionaries worldwide. Get ready to make a lasting impact as we collectively strive to shape a brighter future. Your presence adds a unique melody to the symphony of ideas, and together, we’ll create waves of positive change.

Let the transformative experience begin!

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Convention Schedule
  • 30th May 2024 – Welcome And Networking; 4:00 PM-6:00 PM (by invite only)
  • 31st May 2024 – Leadership Summit; 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • 1st June 2024 -Awards & Gala Dinner 6:30 PM Onwards (Paid Dinner)
30th May: Event Schedule
Join us for an evening of connection, collaboration, and community building as we come together to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones over light refreshments.
31st May: Event Schedule

Highlighting our convention, renowned speakers will share insights on diverse topics. Engage in discussions and contribute to the exchange of knowledge. This session offers a platform for collaborative learning and innovation.

9:30 - 10:00 amOPENING OF CONVENTIONWelcome Speech by Dr. Abhnash K Bains
Speech by Guest Speaker Dr Sandeep Marwah
10:00-10:30 amBecoming a Local Hero:Empowering Communities10:00-10:05 am
10:05-10:10 am
10:10-10:15 am
Certificates to Speakers
10:30 - 11:00 amEnvironmental Emergency:Strategies for Transformation10:30-10:35 am
10:35-10:40 am
10:40-10:45 am
Certificates to Speakers
11:00 - 11:30 amBusiness Initiative Oversight and Management11:00-11:05 am
11:05-11:10 am
11:10-11:15 am
Certificates to Speakers
11:30-12:00 noonFinance & Legal11:30-11:35 am
11:35-11:40 am
11:40-11:45 am
Certificates to Speakers
12:00-12:30pmUniversal Education for Every Child12:00-12:05 pm
12:05 -12:10pm
12:10-12:15 pm
Certificates to speakers
12:30 - 1:00 pmBorderless Harmony: Promoting Peace Across Borders12:30-12:35 pm
12:35-12:40 pm
12:40-12:45 pm
Certificates to Speakers
LUNCH (1:00-2:00pm)
02:00-02:30 pmInclusive Empowerment: Advancing Women and All02:00-02:05 pm
02:05-02:10 pm
02:10-02:15 pm
Certificates to Speakers
2:30-3:00pmInclusive Empowerment: Bridging Gender Gaps02:30-02:35 pm
02:35-02:40 pm
02:40-02:45 pm
Certificates to Speakers
3:00-3:30pmSocial Impact and Corporate Responsibility03:00-03:05 pm
03:05-03:10 pm
03:10-03:15 pm
Certificates to Speakers
3:30-4:00pmDigital Transformation and Cybersecurity03:30-11:35 pm
03:35-03:40 pm
03:40-03:45 pm
Certificates to Speakers
4:00-4:30pmGlobal Health and Wellness04:00-04:05 pm
04:05-04:10 pm
04:10-04:15 pm
Certificates to Speakers
04:30-05:00 pmDiversity, Equality and Inclusion04:30-04:35 pm
04:35-04:40 pm
04:40-04:45 pm
Certificates to Speakers
5:00-5:20pmFuture Trends and Innovations05:00-05:05 pm
05:05-05:10 pm
05:10-05:15 pm
Certificates to Speakers
 05:20-05:30pm Thankyou
Speech by CEO Dr Abhnash K
1st June: Event Schedule
Gala Evening featuring an Awards Ceremony, followed by a lavish dinner. Relax to the tunes of a renowned DJ while fostering meaningful connections, exploring new business opportunities and collaborations.

Note: Pre-registration is required for all the events

Empowerment Package Options

Silver Package

£ 180
  • Speaking slot (3-5 minutes)
  • Standee
  • Promotion on all IGC social media platforms (2 Posts)
  • Opportunity to distribute your branded merchandise
  • Positioning of your logo in the brochure
  • Tea/ Coffee Included

Gold Package

£ 300
  • Speaking slot (3-5 minutes)
  • Opportunity to add banner/Stall at the event
  • Promotion on all IGC social media platforms (2 Posts)
  • Opportunity to distribute your branded merchandise
  • Positioning of your logo in the brochure
  • 1 Buffet Meal is included

Platinum Package

£ 420
  • Coverage of 2 of your articles in the IGC Magazine
  • Positioning of your logo in the brochure & awards page
  • Speaking slot (5 minutes), Stall and Standee at the event
  • Promotion across all IGC social media platforms
  • Opportunity for 1 speaking slot/ Interview with CEO on Ishkama Radio
  • Opportunity to distribute your branded merchandise.
  • 2 Buffet meals included
Award nominations

Celebrate with us the esteemed award night highlights the most distinguished businesses and their leaders, commemorating their creativity, innovation and resilience across diverse industries


Annual Ishkama Global Change (IGC) Awards 2024 Categories
  • Empowerment and Community Impact Award
  • Human Rights Advocate of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution to Education
  • Gender Equality Pioneer
  • Healthcare Advocacy Excellence
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence in Lifestyle Innovation
  • Rising Star Achievement
  • Woman in Leadership Excellence Award
  • Female Founder Excellence Award
  • Industrial Innovation Pioneer
  • Creative Innovations Achievement
  • Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Digital Innovation Excellence
  • Best Business Idea Award
  • Peace Ambassador Award
  • Youth Leadership Excellence
  • Community Service Excellence
  • The She Trailblazer Award