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Nicole S. Farrell

Nicole S. Farrell


About Me

A multi-dimensional, creative professional, Nicole S. Farrell is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, gifted Writer, published Author and dynamic International Speaker. Within her boutique company, Au Courant EventZ, which is based in Trinidad and Tobago, Nicole is an Image & P.R Architect, Workplace Protocol & Etiquette Consultant & Coach and a Stylist, who caters to local and foreign entrepreneurs, employees of corporate/business entities (Public & Private Sectors) and educational institutions. One who is passionate about brand development and strategic change, her overall goal is to create contemporary, holistic, customised refinement and progression for her clients.

Nicole is also the Director For Communications at the EU-based Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) and is their official Delegate for Trinidad and Tobago as well.

Her global ambassadorship also sees her as the Country Chair – Trinidad and Tobago Chapter for the G100 Oneness and Wisdom organisation.

Dedicated to ‘breathing life’ into youths and young adults, she is an international Youth Mentor, where through solo work, imparts to young adults, even as far as the Continent of Africa. She is the Founder and Strategic Director for her group mentoring initiative EmpireADY! (pronounced Empire-Ready), where she and her team mentor youths and young adults regarding entrepreneurship, life skills and career development.
Nicole S. Farrell Chief Executive Officer Image & P.R Architect/ Workplace Protocol & Etiquette Consultant & Coach Au Courant EventZ.