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Fascinating Facts About the Domain of Aromatherapy

The Domain of Aromatherapy is a significant part of what we do here at Ishkama, and we stock a number of aromatherapy products to complement our diverse range of luxury fragranced candles.

Like the products themselves, the world of aromatherapy is a multifaceted and intriguing one –we cover four fascinating facts about aromatherapy that we’re enthusiastic to bet you didn’t know!

Aromatherapy Is almost Thousands of Years Old

OK, you might already identify this one, the practice of aromatherapy has been around for well approximately 6000 years. The first people to make use of it were perhaps the ancient Chinese, who recommended it for an assortment of ailments.

From there, it was utilized by the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks – in fact, Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) made use of aromatherapy to clear Athens of a plague, and frequently used it in his personal treatments.

Aromatherapy Was Once Illegal

Back in the Dark Ages, when the Church’s word implied the law, the practice of aromatherapy hit a petty snag, when it was absolutely banned by the religious leaders of the time.

They thought that illnesses were godly punishment that must only be cured by prayer, and anyone caught with elements or instruments could face awful consequences. The ban continued for centuries, but luckily for us, that’s all changed now!

A Lab Accident Created History

Aromatherapy in its existing form was ‘rediscovered’ by French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse. He was executing an experiment when there was a sudden stretch of commotion (you know the sort), and he ended up burning his hand.

Without any water nearby, he impulsively dived his hand into a container of Lavender – and was astonished to find his wound healing speedily.

His interest from then on stimulated the rediscovery of aromatherapy in the Victorian era, so if you’ve liked any of our products before, you perhaps have him to thank!

Japanese Companies Are Using It to Boost Productivity

Switching to the present day, and Japanese firms are using aromatherapy to lift their employees’ mood and efficiency. Precisely, they’re pumping traces of rosemary and lemon essential oils via their air conditioning systems.

Rosemary essential oil is utilized for cognitive support and advancing brain health, while lemon essential oil is used to cleanse the body and lift the spirits. All in all, a fascinating combination – but no hint on whether UK companies are planning on doing the same!

Here at Ishkama, we’re generally content with the benefits our luxury fragranced candles provide – all of which are wisely crafted with a blend of essential oils to give them smoothly fascinating fragrances. 

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