The Founder

I am a philantropreneur who believes not just in generating jobs but hope in young women. I have worked for the civil services and in various fields including education, employment and benefits. I have contributed towards other charities and have been thanked by The Mulberry center, ASDA Charities and Liesel Angel Trust. I am also keen to work towards Cancer and Diabetes projects and do my best through my charities. I have worked for Lions Life skills project. I was earlier involved in highlighting problems facing ethnic minorities in their employment search. I have served as Vice Chair – SAHIL Single Parent Group and Vice Chair of Asian Women’s Centre in 1986. I have Counselled/Mentored for EACH (Ethnic Alcoholic Counseling’s in Hounslow) ethnic minorities with drug, alcohol problems and encouraged to look at the roots of their problem. I have won The Volunteer Centre UK and Ford Motor Company’s award for Community Service Ten Years in June 1996. The Nationwide Voluntary Endeavour Award for Community Service, The Nationwide Voluntary Endeavor Award for Community Service in the year 2003.


  • Iconic Women of Decade, WEF 2020
  • Certificate of Recognition- British Citizen Award for exceptional contribution to society and being an inspiration to other British citizens, 2019
  • The Exceptional Women of Excellence by Women Economic Forum, 2019
  • MEMBERSHIP ADVANCEMENT KEY pin from Lions Club International, 2019
  • Melvin Jones Award presented by International President of Lions Club
  • District Governor Extension Award, 2019
  • Winner for Best Female Entrepreneur by Best Business Awards, 2017

Mrs. Abhnash Bains is an experienced consultant having expertise in therapies like Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga etc.
Ishkama was followed by Kia Beauty.

The Team

Mrs. Abhnash Bains


Mrs. Abhnash Bains has various degrees in practicing Reiki, Yoga, Hypnotherapy and Counselling with diplomas from The British Medical Hypnotherapy Examination Board, The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSHA), The Oxford Cambridge (OCR) and RSA Examinations and The International Reiki healing training centre. She was a Member of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum for West London Mental Health Trust, Member of the Women’s Radio Group and Full Member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

As a Lion President, London central she has been awarded with Certificate of Appreciation award from International Lions President, Wayne A Madden for Distinguished Achievements in Fulfilling the Mission of Lions Club International during the year 2012-2013. She has recently been honoured with Melvin Jones Fellow, 2014 for “Dedicated Humanitarian services, Lions Clubs International Foundation”.
She is also a visionary and works largely for the benefit of women mental health and their well being. She has worked for several projects that are associated with the success and upliftment of women. It is due to her ability to see the need of a venture like Ishkama that has led to its success. She has been awarded with The Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 by Hounslow Volunteering Awards.

Minakshi Koch

Vice CEO

She has an MPhil degree in Biochemistry and has worked in Medical research. She has over 10 research publications to her name. She has profound knowledge of the science used in the therapeutic sessions in Ishkama.

She has great management skills and is strategic in her approach while handling different situations. She is also responsible for any event planning and its execution. More than being a leader she enjoys being a team player. Her biggest challenge is to make Ishkama a brand name that reaches every realm of the community.

Academic- VTCT Level 2 and VTCT Level 3. To be followed by apprenticeship and job experience to be provided by KIA Beauty salon to prepare the students into professional beauticians.

Pavani Ladival

General Manager

Business Comm. & IT ManagerPavani has a varied experience in the field of business and Internet, she has been closely associated with Ishkama since its inception. She handles the IT & Business Communication Management for Ishkama.

Holding 12+ years of industry experience in user interface design and corporate communications.Sound communication skills with capabilities of effective user / client interaction complements her visualization and analytical skills.

Prachi Patil

IT & Marketing Executive

Prachi has been associated with Ishkama since 2010 and looking after the website and the marketing side of Ishkama.

She is mainly concerned with the IT side of Ishkama which now allows the users to book appointment, do group bookings and also subscribe to monthly Ishkama newsletter.

Along with Abhnash Bains she also manages the marketing end of Ishkama.

Swathi Ganesan

IT and Public relations

Vidhi Desai  


Accounts Management   

Dr. Rinki Sharma                              

IT and Business Communication 


Dr. Neha Swami                

Clinical Psychologist             

Vasugi Rajendran

Massage Therapist


Praveen Soor   
Neeru Sharda


Ishkama the Company helps the individual to achieve their potentials, realize aspirations and to create strong and peaceful communities worldwide.
Ishkama trust is a non-profit organisation which was set up to serve local people and its main objective is to promote the relief of suffering caused by mental or physical ill health or by social or economic circumstances. Over the years it has helped overseas projects.
Good health can be sorted out in many different ways :

  • Can be achieved by interacting with the others.
  • Discuss your problems openly and confidentially.
  • Choose the things which are right for you.


“Our mission is to bring peace and happiness to the mind of individuals under stress and hardship”.

About Ishkama

In the everyday life of the 21st century stress is a common problem. Time bound deadlines. High pressure work situations. Stressful lifestyles. Life in the 21st century is no piece of cake.
With our new centre we make sure that Ishkama’s mental health treatments are strongly supported with KIA’s beauty therapies like having a Head/body massage or, facials, manicure. Read More

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