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About Me

I’m Shallu, a multi award winning fitness coach and founder of Fitbelle Health Limited.

At 32, my health was deteriorating, and I battled knee arthritis and a back injury. Determined to change, I embraced fitness, experimenting with cardio and diets until I found my transformational path in strength training. I realized age shouldn’t limit fitness, proper nutrition is key, and exercise form matters.

In 2021, I founded Fitbelle, a holistic fitness program. Amid the pandemic, I supported 300+ women with free classes. My personal experience with knee arthritis underscored the importance of health.

My mission is to empower women on their fitness journey. Fitbelle integrates seamlessly into busy lives, focusing on sustainability and health awareness. Awards such as SHE, IIW She Inspires, and Woman of Wonder recognize my commitment.

I have hosted a regular fitness program on TV, Sky channel 737, and i am the official fitness trainer for Mrs/ Miss Asia GB, 2024. But my journey is ongoing, and I constantly strive to be a better coach and learner.