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Minakshi Koch

Minakshi Koch


About Me

Global Chair for Counseling and Autism Awareness I am the Vice CEO of Ishkama Ltd and Ishkama Global CIC. The Chief Editor of Ishkama Global Change( IGC) Magazine seeking new and interesting subjects to review and publish. Ishkama Ltd is a holistic company and Ishkama Global CIC aims at creating awareness and giving everyone equal opportunity to share their stories and success to build a society where there is equality of gender and social status.

Focussed at bringing a change into the lives of women and children in lesser developed countries by creating a platform to reach them and make their lives better by approaching various organizations.

I have worked previously in Biochemistry department researching on topics related to metabolic disorders and autism. Researching and writing articles on the subject to create inclusion and awareness. Currently, involved with Ishkama GLobal Change (IGC) Magazine as the Chief Editor. I interview people from all sectors of the society trying to bring their stories to the common man and get them recognition for their contribution towards the society. Exploring topics and creating opportunity for expanding the business while benefitting the community is my chief goal. In the past 10 years of my involvement with Ishkama Ltd, I have helped expand the business and got the company appreciation and recognition . I have more than 10 scientific publications in National and International journals. My credentials- MPhil degree in Biochemistry PG DIPLOMA in Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management Diploma in Biotechnology CACHE LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATE IN UNDERSTANDING AUTISM, 2021 TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (RQF) 2022 WHO Learning Caregiver Skills Training for Families of Children with Developmental Delays or Disabilities, 2022 Suffolk Independent Living, Certificate for Disability Equality Training, May 2022 THE COMPLETE SEND DIPLOMA (LEVEL 2,3&4) New skills Academy, 2021