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Dr. Deepika Saini

Dr. Deepika Saini

Global Chair- Social Justice, Legal reforms & ADR

About Me

Dr. DDeepika Saini is a multifaceted individual whose diverse roles and achievements showcase her dedication to fostering positive change across various domains. As an Advocate, Arbitrator, and Mediator, she works tirelessly to promote social justice and legal reforms, particularly focusing on issues impacting women, child education, financial literacy, and gender inequality. Through her advocacy and expertise in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), she strives to maintain global peace and support Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Her accomplishments extend beyond the legal realm, as she is also a prolific author with three bestselling books, including “Unapologetically Her,” which topped the charts in the Malaysian market. Through her writing, she empowers women and addresses societal challenges with a focus on self-reliance and empowerment.

Furthermore, Dr. Saini’s contributions to entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, and social service have been widely recognized, earning her prestigious awards such as the Women Excellence Award at the World Economic Forum and the Super Power Author Award. Her expertise in credit, legal, risk management, and compliance, coupled with her experience in corporate strategy, has enabled her to work with C-suite leaders and develop innovative business initiatives.

As a speaker at TEDx and Joshtalks, she shares her insights on a wide range of topics, including debt collection, risk mitigation, and positive/negative cash flow management. Dr. Saini’s commitment to the nonprofit sector is evident through her efforts to support education, mentoring, and fundraising for women and children in underserved communities across Asia and Africa.

She envisions a world where diverse networks converge to create sustainable solutions and inclusive leadership practices. Through her advocacy, mentorship, and involvement in global alliances, she seeks to accelerate positive change and empower women worldwide. Dr. Saini’s dedication to eliminating poverty and promoting economic empowerment among rural women underscores her commitment to creating a more equitable and prosperous society for all.