Ishkama the Company helps the individual to achieve their potentials, realize aspirations and to create strong and peaceful communities worldwide.
Ishkama trust is a non-profit organisation which was set up to serve local people and its main objective is to promote the relief of suffering caused by mental or physical ill health or by social or economic circumstances. Over the years it has helped overseas projects.
Good health can be sorted out in many different ways :

  • Can be achieved by interacting with the others.
  • Discuss your problems openly and confidentially.
  • Choose the things which are right for you.


“Our mission is to bring peace and happiness to the mind of individuals under stress and hardship”.

About Ishkama

About Ishkama-Time bound deadlines, high expectations in work place scenario and stressful lifestyles makes life a huge competition between having a healthy life and meeting deadlines. Ishkama helps to reconnect the mind, body and soul and achieve both good health and meet deadlines. A peaceful and stress free mind is key to success.

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