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Zina Kular

Zina Kular


About Me

Hi all!

My name is Zina and I am a Mompreneur Mentor & Coach.

I help mums in business to book clients consistently. I’m a qualified master practitioner of NLP, Time line therapy and hypnotherapy.

I’m a published author of the internationally best-selling book “Women of Influence” and also a Mum of two beautiful little babies. A bit about me personally – I love the mum life and running my own location- free business. Aside from that, I am a professional Bhangra dancer!

I’ve been quiet on the group to date, however, I would like to serve this community the best I can. I love what IGCIC stands for and the messages that have been shared.

Thanks for adding me to the group & I look forward to connecting with more of you soon.