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Peeyush Pandit

Peeyush Pandit


About Me

Mr. Peeyush Pandit, a distinguished social activist, entrepreneur, and a visionary leader in our community. With an unwavering commitment to youth development and education welfare, Mr. Pandit has dedicated his life to ensuring that no child is deprived of education and no youth is deprived of essential skills.

Mr. Pandit has been at the helm of our esteemed business group, serving as the Chairman and CEO since 2009. Under his dynamic leadership, our group has thrived in multiple sectors, including solar energy, restaurants, hotels, schools, logistics, and real estate. By diversifying our portfolio, Mr. Pandit has exemplified his visionary approach towards sustainable and inclusive business practices.

One of Mr. Pandit’s most notable achievements is the groundbreaking World Education Policy (WEP), which has gained widespread recognition and acclaim. WEP serves as a revolutionary platform, advocating for equal educational opportunities worldwide. By implementing innovative strategies and collaborations, WEP has made remarkable strides in empowering the youth through initiatives like the Internship University and Youth Development programs.

Furthermore, Mr. Pandit’s vision has materialized in the form of E Village, the world’s first Metro Village. This ambitious project has transformed the concept of urban living by incorporating sustainable practices, advanced infrastructure, and comprehensive amenities. E Village serves as a testament to Mr. Pandit’s commitment to creating holistic environments that foster growth and progress.

Mr. Pandit’s dedication to his philanthropic endeavors and his astute business acumen have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers. His unwavering passion to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations has been instrumental in bringing about positive change in society.

On behalf of our esteemed group, we extend our warmest gratitude to Mr. Pandit for gracing us with his presence and offering his invaluable insights. We believe that this collaboration will prove to be a transformative journey towards achieving our shared goals.