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Patrick vaz


About Me

Lion Patrick vaz is the 1st Vice President of Lions Club of Bangalore Aditya Nagar, after working for over 23 years in the Middle east and holding a position of Director of Logistics and Transport in his Last Job, A terminal illness in the family brought him down to Bangalore, after spending a year at hospitals for various requirements during the hospitalization process, He realized that he can go on working and make loads of money or work for the society and help the needy.

He volunteered at Hospitals as a Helping Hand Volunteer and during this time, He met someone who inspired him to become a counsellor to reach out to the people who are going through depression etc.

He completed his One-year Diploma in Counselling skills and joined as a volunteer counsellor for a suicide prevention Helpline.  During his tenure he would visit schools, colleges as he believed that reaching out and helping the children in their foundation years is more meaning full.

After spending over 9 years at the Helpline, he founded Arpita Foundation with few other likeminded people, He joined hands with Ramaiah Medical hospital to reach out to the society in 2019. But due to covid in 2020, he and his team were asked not come to the hospital as the hospital was converted to covid patients. It was a difficult journey and had to restart with new Telephone line, website etc., but never gave up.

Today after 14 long years of volunteering, he and his team of 20+ counsellors. The Arpita Helpline is a first aid to callers all across India and other countries, its open from 9am to 9pm on all days and till this date has attended over 21000 calls and 4200 suicide callers who have been helped and guided.

Reaching out to schools, college working with children with Autism and counselling their parents in emotions has been very Challenging for Arpita.

Through Lions Club reaching out to the society for People with Dialysis and Cataract requirement, Helping Cancer Screening in rural areas has been very challenging. Patrick in past few years has conducted over 400+ meaningful service in the society through Lions Club.

Started a new project called “Samrudhi” at Arpita Foundation for the underprivileged girls in the age group of 18-23 who have been orphaned, abused, are treated through Mental health counselling and trained in various areas of skill development such as Geriatric care/ Physiotherapy, Beautician and mushroom cultivation (based on their choice) and placed at different location with job opportunities and teaching these children to live independently.

A new Program with Nimhans (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science) Train the Trainer program has been started, where our Counsellors who are trained will go out in the society and create on General Health and wellness.

Having a heart of Lion has pushed him in different areas of outreach programs is continuously engaged in the society to do meaningful services in the society, at times gong through shortfall on funds is the most difficult and challenging requirements in today’s conditions.

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Ln.Patrick vaz



Managing Trustee

Arptia Foundation