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Kamalpreet Madaan

Kamalpreet Madaan


About Me

I am the proud mother of a delightful 7-year-old princess. In my professional life, I serve as a Delivery Manager, responsible for ensuring the successful execution of projects and the timely delivery of products or services to clients. Additionally, I am deeply passionate about social media design, where I merge creativity with technology.

Being a full-time mom is an incredibly fulfilling and challenging role that demands unwavering dedication to nurturing and raising children. It requires an abundance of care, love, and patience. I am honored to have received the SuperMom award from IIW She Inspire Awards at the House of Commons, presented by MP Bob Blackman.

My passion for community service runs deep, inherited from my family. I currently volunteer as the Marketing Manager at Inspiring Indian Women, where I am responsible for devising and implementing marketing strategies to advance the organization’s mission of supporting women.

Furthermore, I serve as a Trustee for one of the Manchester City Council Libraries, contributing to the organization’s governance and providing strategic direction within the local community.

In addition to these roles, I am a habit and mindset coach at Keep Well Mantras. Here, I not only fulfill my responsibilities as a full-time mom but also leverage my expertise and passion to assist others in cultivating positive habits. In this capacity, I guide and support individuals in making lasting lifestyle changes, fostering personal growth, and achieving their goals.

In addition to my passion for social media design, I also work as a freelancer, taking on marketing assignments that involve creative designing.

The fusion of being a dedicated mother, an IT professional, and a community servant mirrors my steadfast commitment to both my family and empowering others to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. I deeply appreciate and feel blessed for these opportunities.