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Dr. Sanjhna Nayarr

Dr. Sanjhna Nayarr


About Me

I am a social activist, author, Podcaster, psychic medium, Rune and TAROT COUNSELLOR, Art therapist Tasseographer, Graphologist and energy healer who strongly is committed to spread positivity & guide people towards emotional , mental and physical healing & growth. I work for the children with special needs, teacher, educators ,parents and students and helping them to make their approach towards life better through Graphotherapy and art therapy which has enabled them to connect with themselves and thus with their outer environment in a much effective manner.

I also work closely with young girls and women who were rescued and were the victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse through art therapy.

I am the founder of Safroneya the journey within, a Holistic Wellbeing Centre. I started a drive for educating rural women and young girls about menstrual hygiene and introducing them to menstrual cups. by distributing free cups.

I am a Representative of G100 Oneness and Wisdom as Country Advisory Council Member

National President, Jewellery and Gems Council, WICCI

Project Baalikavidya Ambassador south zone

Fecilitator at CIC, SME Climate Hub

A student for life, I am a PhD holder in Tarot and Divination. I am a national awardee Bharatanatyam artist and awarded as best writer in 2022 for her Savage Lemonade- An army wife’s spiritual journey. Sanjhna also is recipient to many awards for her contribution towards the upliftment of women and her active presence in social activities, like the HERA awards, Centurion of the year award, woman pioneer award, The most inspiring Woman of Earth Award exceptional leader of excellence award India prime awards, IIWA- emerging woman author award, Global women inspiring award, Rashtriya samaj seva and many more. I believe that Union with oneself should be the prerequisite to recognizing and realizing of dreams. I dare to Dream big and stay grounded!!