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Dr. Marina Nani

Dr. Marina Nani


About Me

Working with Luxury Influencers, VIP’s, Elite Women’s Clubs, high networth individuals, luxury brands, corporations, sustainable fashion designers and creatives, Dr Marina Nani specializes in multi media brand journalism, creating inclusive newsrooms, supporting professional women with brand positioning and compelling narratives. Social Edification Scientist, Your Story Custodian, Author, Founder & CEO: BE SEEN BE HEARD BE YOU, Founder of RICH WOMAN SOCIETY™ – The First Private Social Network of Conscious Influencers, Founder of Sovereign Magazine, Editor in Chief at Rich Woman Magazine.

Marina believes that there is a genius in each individual, regardless of their present circumstances. and she has been coining a new industry, Social Edification, helping women from around the world to make a significant difference within themselves, their industry and their community.