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Anu Nadimpalli


About Me

Anu Nadimpalli is an artist, poet, author, creative entrepreneur, and Founder / CEO at 3am Inspirations. Anu prides herself in uplifting solopreneurs and wellness experts with her secret weapon: Art. She strongly believes in its transformational power and to date, she has had more than 5 years of successful entrepreneurial stories, using art in social media marketing, digital and physical products, fashion and much more.

Anu Nadimpalli ́s journey started off in the field of design. With a diploma, a postgraduate degree and more than a decade of work experience as an interior and architectural designer, her career would have continued as such, just as so many other professionals like her.

After a life-threatening episode at age 35, where, in an instant she ́fell into the abyss ́, losing the only career that she ever knew, she started her steady climb up for the next ten years. She got herself an award-winning entrepreneurship mentor, taught herself photography, painting, entered and won competitions, participated in solo exhibitions with the fierce inner belief that ́everything will work out ́ and always grateful to the undying support of her family and loved ones.

Anu Nadimpalli – Founder/CEO: 3am Inspirations
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(91) 913639 0165 (India)

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