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Angonimi David-Imeh

Angonimi David-Imeh


About Me

Angonimi David-Imeh is an economist by training and an astute humanitarian by design.

Founder, Hope Raisers Global Foundation, working tirelessly, empowered over a total of 10,000 children, women, and elderly women in Nigeria in Internally Displaced Camps. Over 2,000 school girls in Owerri with sanitary pads and writing materials from 2016-2017, 5000 children in Abia State in 2011 and a hand full of flood victims in Bayelsa State, 2022.

She believes in the Sustainable Development Goals and she’s an advocate of goals 1,2,3,4, 5& 17 with patches of other goals. Working tirelessly within IDP camps and communities to see the advancement of human lives from Hunger, poverty, lack and low mind set to a place of stability in these areas. She collaborates with other NGOs and tech companies to empower women in the IDP camps with mobile devices as a way of including them in e-commerce and into the tech space. Where they are trained on how to execute business virtually.

She has bagged a couple awards and nominations from the African Women Summit Cape Town, South Africa in May, 2023 on the category of Empowerment and the Visionary African Women Summit as a Visionary African Woman which held in Accra, Ghana in June, 2023. She also received the International Food Heroes Award in Nov, 2023 in Abuja.

On 15th July ,2023 she was decorated as a Peace and Humanity Ambassador under the YELI International and the Change Ambassadors Network (CAN) including the World Peace Committee South Korea.

She’s is the Co-Chair Ecovilisation, Nigeria Wing working on the integration of IDPs into the society on one hand or building such camps into likely villages in the near future.

She sits in the leadership of Police Community Relations Committee as the National Coordinator, Special Unit 3 and the Asst National PRO Women Committee PCRC, in partnership with POWA empowering police officers and the wives of diseased officers and their children.

She also sits in the leadership of WETI, Women in Export, Trade & Investment Limited as the Coordinator North Central, Nigeria.

She also sits in the leadership of MentorsDome an online mentorship platform where we mentor young people.